Getting Ready for Winter

As we move from the wonderful summer that we’ve enjoyed here in New Jersey with breathless anticipation of what lays ahead, our thoughts begin to turn from sun and sand to leaves, gutters, shingles and more.

Let’s start at the top! The best way to start preparing for those winter months is to have the roof inspected by a roof professional but should you decide to go it alone here’s a few tips.

  • First and foremost, ensure that only trained personnel has access to the roof.
  • Clear roof gutters of all debris and leaves. Why? Blocked drains are a leading cause of roof leaks and collapse. Gutters are designed to direct water away from the roof and building thus preventing pooling on the roof or by the bottom of the wall. When properly cared for gutters will do the job for which they were installed.
  • Roof repairs. What may look like a small repair now could, when exacerbated by the bad weather, turn into a big repair costing more money and causing a dangerous situation. Remember, that while doing it yourself may be less expensive, in the long run a professional may be more cost-effective.
  • Snow guards. Snow slides from a sloped roof can be a major cause of injury to you or others and also damage tiles as the snow slides down the roof. Snow guards will hold the snow in place as it collects on your roof until it melts and drains off into those free of debris and leaves roof gutters.

All of the above tips are easier and much safer to attend to prior to the beginning of winter. While leaves glistening in a gully of frozen water might present a nice wintery scene, the backup of water and snow under your roof won’t be quite as pretty. Nor will trying to find and repair a leak on a roof that is covered in snow.

Last but not least, always safety first.

Should you prefer to contact a professional to inspect and report on the condition of your roof for the upcoming winter, contact the company that’s been “Doing It Right the First Time for Over 30 Years” – Jottan – 800-364-4234.


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