Weighing In – Low Slope or Steep Slope

Roof slope is a very important aspect and it is considered the primary factor in roof design. The slope of a roof has an effect on the interior volume of a building, the drainage, the style, and the material used for covering and ultimately the cost. Below is a small summary of the advantages and disadvantages for both low slope and steep slope roofing systems.

Advantages: Require less material to build; less time to roll out and seal roofing materials than installing individual shingles; allows for easy maintenance since walking on a flat surface is easier; limits extra air and makes a structure easier to keep comfortable because a low slope roof limits this extra air and makes a structure easier to keep comfortable throughout the seasons.

Disadvantages: Changes how water flows off of the structure. On a roof with a lower pitch, standing water soaks between asphalt shingles and other overlapping materials. Shingles can’t be used on roofs with a slope below 8.5 degrees. Only rolled sheet roofing works on flat or very low sloped roofs.

Advantages: 50 percent longer lifespan than other roofing installation methods; faster water runoff, depending on pitch; lower chances of debris buildup, mold and mildew proliferation; can be covered with roofing materials that are fabricated and applied in small, overlapping units (shingles of wood, slate or artificial composition; tiles of fired clay or concrete; or even tightly wrapped bundles of reeds, leaves, or grasses.)

Disadvantages: Cannot cover a building of any horizontal dimension because it becomes too tall on a broad building.

For more information on Green Roofs, Low Slope and Steep Slope Roofs, contact the professionals at Jottan at 800-364-4234 or visit our website: www.jottan.com


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