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With our June issue, Jottan celebrates 14 months of “The Roofline.” Below are links to each of the articles that we have published over the last 13 months for your easy reference.

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Congratulations Jottan!

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Worst Winter Ever? Not Even Close!


It Doesn’t Have to be All About Roofing!

You made it through the winter snow and the spring downpours. You’ve scheduled your semi-annual roof maintenance checkup and maybe even your infra-red scanning. You’re happy to know that your roof is ready for summer! How about you?

Summertime, when the living is easy! Pull out the flip flops, shorts, tank tops and suntan lotion. Ready the barbeque grill, open the pool and string up some outdoor lights. Buy some fresh produce at the farmer’s market and savor that first bite into a cold crisp slice of watermelon. Take a nap in a hammock after reading your favorite book while sipping on a glass of homemade lemonade. Roll up your pant legs and go for a morning stroll along the ocean’s edge. Get caught in a summer storm (no lightning please).

Summertime fun can mean travel to far off places or visits to museums, hot air balloon rides, days at the shore or family visits; a night at the ballpark with The Phillies, The Riversharks or The Trenton Thunder; or just relaxing in the backyard.

No matter what your brand of summertime fun, Jottan wishes you a safe and happy summer.

If you haven’t scheduled your semi-annual roof maintenance checkup, now would be a great time. Just give us a call – 800-364-4234.

Worst Winter Ever? Not Even Close!

New Jersey didn’t make’s 10 Major Cities with the Worst Winter of 2013-2014 and according to the Office of the state Climatologist the winter of 2013-2014 is outranked by four previous winters. Worse or not, this was a hard winter for people, cars, roads and roofs.

jottan_worstWinterWater in general is a trouble-maker for roofs, but temperatures that dip below freezing can cause added damage. Significant ice buildup in one area of the roof could cause load issues or could damage or stress local components, like roof flashings and tie-ins to roof accessories. The repetitive cycle of freezing and thawing of water is another damage offender. The cycle goes like this…water can get into the tiniest spaces, expanding as it freezes. It warms up and you get more water and then the crack gets even larger.

Another culprit is ice damming. The effects of ice damming can be extensive including interior damage and structural damage to the building. In addition, ice damming can cause damages that may go undetected including rotted roof sheathing and deterioration of the gutter system which can lead to other roof issues.

Spring has sprung, so now is the time to schedule your semi-annual roof maintenance checkup to survey the effects of this winter on your roof. Don’t have a roof maintenance program? Don’t see the benefits of having one? The benefits to you and your roof are both immediate and long-term. A good roof maintenance program, such as the one offered by Jottan, will extend the life of your roof and save on larger costly repairs minimizing life cycle costs. Their customized maintenance programs and surveys of existing conditions can help you plan annual maintenance budgets or semi-annual roofing inspections to meet insurance requirements.

Additionally, Jottan offers infrared scanning which allows them to determine the extent of wet and damaged insulation within the existing roofing system. This eliminates costly overall repairs allowing for targeted and less costly corrective actions.

For more information on these and other services offered by Jottan, visit or call 800-364-4234.