Have a leak?

If the answer to that question is yes, then you have a problem.  The first key to ensuring a long life-cycle for your roofing system investment is proper installation. Below are a few examples of improper installations which can lead to damaging leaks.

Built-up roofs (BUR) experience 95 percent of leaks at flashing details – the area where the membrane is terminated or interrupted. Installation of an improper moisture barrier underneath a coping cap on a parapet wall may cause leaks in a hot bituminous and torch-applied modified bituminous roofs. Additional problems that allow moisture infiltration on mod bit roofs include improper installation of flashing, inadequate head laps and backwater laps. The importance of properly glued or heat-welded seams cannot be overstated for single-ply membranes roofs.

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Simple Tasks with Long-Term Benefits

While scheduled maintenance by a professional roofing company can add years to the life-cycle of your roof, there are simple tasks that you, as the owner or property manager, can do.

1. Monitor changes in the roof by taking routine photos.

2. Who is the first line of defense if something goes wrong? Be sure that everyone knows who to call the moment something happens? Time is money when it comes to your roof.

3. Foot traffic on a roof can be problematic. Know who’s on your roof and allow only authorized personnel to attend to roof maintenance or repairs.

4. Encourage your tenants or employees to inform you of any problems or leaks they encounter immediately, even if on the outside of the building.

Regular scheduled maintenance by a professional and diligence on the part of owners and property managers can help identify and fix problems before they become major and costly.