Congratulations Jottan!

Jottan, Inc. has been ranked the second safest roofer in New Jersey by New Jersey Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau. Their state-of-the-art safety programs ensure successful projects for their clients by providing safe and equitable working environments for their employees. Their commitment to safety is also reflected in the decrease in their Experience Modification Rates (EMR) to .426.

“Safety is our top priority,” stated Jottan’s President Toby Chrostowski. “Our success in maintaining a high level of safety standards is reflected in the drop of our Experience Modification Rate from .461 to .426.” The baseline for an experience modification factor is 1.0. Jottan’s EMR is an indication that their experience is .574% better than industry average.


Importance of Scheduled Roof Maintenance

Roof installation is not a one-and-done type of project. It can’t just be installed and forgotten. Your roof is a major company asset that without regular maintenance could greatly impact on other major company assets through water leakage or loss of energy. A scheduled roof maintenance program can stop small problems from becoming large, expensive repairs. It is a pro-active approach to extending the life of your roof and minimizing life cycle costs.

How often should scheduled inspections be done? Regular inspections should take place at least twice a year. Additionally, inspections should be completed after any extraordinary weather event or after the installation of any new rooftop equipment. The interior of the facility should also be a part of your roof maintenance program since water stains on the walls or ceilings are telltale signs of leakage.

Documentation should be provided by the roofing company for all inspections outlining their findings and setting priorities for maintenance recommendations.

What can you do to prevent costly roof damage?

  • Train personnel on how to handle tools and heavy equipment on the roof
  • Don’t move heavy equipment across the roof
  • Allow only an approved roofing contractor to make penetrations into your roof
  • Keep access doors and hatches locked. Allow only trained personnel access to the roof
  • Keep your roof clean of debris and contaminants
  • Clean roof drains of debris

In addition to maintaining the ‘health’ of your roof, customized maintenance programs and surveys of existing conditions can help you plan annual maintenance budgets or semi-annual roofing inspections to meet insurance requirements.

Be proactive. Call 800-364-4234 or visit to get more information on their Scheduled Roof Maintenance Program.